About Us & Our Owner & Online Bakery Service

"In 1971, I discovered that I had a God-given, natural talent to create great tasting pastries, that being from baking delicious cakes, to making outstanding candy, or even catering for events. Many years ago, God first gave me a vision that I would have a profession in culinary arts and after many trials, tribulations, and prayers, I had begun to bring my culinary goods to my place of employment. After that faithful day, word soon spread. Every since, I have been preparing my beloved pastries on a constant and daily basis. I use nothing but the freshest ingredients, mixed with agape love, (God's Love). Thus, Agape Delectables Cafe & Catering Co. was born! To God be the Glory!

Agape Delectables was formally named By Faith Catering Co.  My kids & friends thought I was crazy, with all of the big businesses around town doing this for years. How in God's name could I make it? That was the key... in God's name, was exactly how I was going to make it! We travel all over the Metro Atlanta Area.Our sweets are sold by the pound not by the piece and depending on the weight , you may get more. I have been making candy for many years now and I use only the freshest, finest ingredients. Each batch is freshly made exactly how you like it. It is so addictive! You can't help but keep eating this mouth watering candy.  perfect for gifts, bake sales, fund raisers,baskets, or just to nibble on! I would like to thank my church family, Seed Faith Christian Ministry for being so patient and supportive of me, through this endeavor.
Please message me if you have any questions at  www.facebook/agapedelectables.com  I can fill special orders as well . 
I will be more than happy to help you.

 Cupcakes & Cookies Available Also!

Chocolate Sprinkled Cupcakes

Ask us if we can make most orders with Splenda  or Equal for people with sugar restricted diets or if you are just watching your sugar intake. 

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